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     Healthy Children and Youth Program (HCY)



     Who is eligible?

Majestic Home Healthcare is proud to announce that services are offered in direct correlation with the Missouri Healthy Children and Youth Program (HCY). If your child is in need of special health care needs, Majestic Home Healthcare's service coordinator can provide an in-home assessment, as well as offer links to services and resources that will allow your child to remain amongst their loved ones, in the privacy and comfort of their own home.  Nurse coordinators are provided via the HCY Program and will also assess your child in determining eligibility to partake in the services offered via the HCY Program.




     What does service coordination include?

Majestic Home Healthcare is available to offer services for qualified children that must :


  • Be a Missouri resident

  • Be birth to 21 years of age

  • Need medically necessary services

  • Be enrolled in Missouri HealthNet

     Service coordination includes:

  • evaluation and assessment of needs

  • identifying and accessing service providers

  • service plan development and implementation

  • coordination of services through resource identification and referral

  • family support

  • assisting in establishing a a medical home 

  • transition planning



Prior authorization of medically necessary services including:

  • private duty nursing

  • personal care needs

  • skilled nursing visits

  • authorized Registered Nurse (RN) vsits

  • administrative case management

  • in-home personal care

  • in-home nursing care


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