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What is Majestic Home Healthcare?

To answer that question is simple but also complicated. Majestic Home Healthcare is an agency that provides health care services in the homes of it's clients. If you have taken the time to peruse our website, then you are somewhat aware of the services that we offer. The goal of our agency is to offer compassionate and continued independence to our clients via our professionally trained staff. It would seem as though in such a saturated market, it is easier than not to roll all agencies into one. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here at Majestic, we pride ourselves on pairing our clients with their Personal Care Aides based on our own scoring systems. This system allows our clients stability as they move forward with their goals of acquiring and or maintaining continued care be it physical or mental.

Once a month we go out into the community and interact with seniors in their own homes, playing games, providing information about healthcare, and sometimes just listening to a "I remember when" story. Here at Majestic Home Healthcare, our clients are more than numbers. Instead they are treated with respect, humility, and good will. We do not just work. We advocate.

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